This October, Faith Kids will go deeper than ever before in their upcoming camp. The kids will embark on an adventure of diving into God's truths, travelling across "oceans" in search of hope, finding the courage to explore the great unknown, and discovering their true identity in the One who gives life.

Into The Deep Camp
6-8 October
For children aged Year 1-6
Early Bird Price: $50 (limited spaces)

*Registration closes on 25 September or when all spaces are taken up
Children are a gift from God!
Give thanks for your child, recognise your responsibility as parents to raise your child in a Godly manner, acknowledge the support of the church community and bless your whole family through baby dedication! There will also be a photo booth after service for you to take pictures with your family.

Baby Dedication Service
Sunday, 4 Sept, 10am
Held during Father's Day service
*For children aged 3 and under
Christianity is not a set of propositions to believe but a life that God desires for us to live. To live this life well, we need to be equippedDC2022 will explore the “what”, “why”, and “how” of being equipped with the right knowledge, values and skills in our heads, heart and hands so that we can be of service and bear fruit for the Lord.

Come join us as we learn from the Word of God and encounter the God of the Word.

Saturday, 10 September
9.30am to 3.15pm

*Early Bird Special: $15 (Ends 14 Aug)
Insights webinars are part of Faith Online where we and our pre-believing friends can explore our faith in the world today through different online programs. Hosted by Philip Wu, this 6-part series is designed to share a biblical perspective and create conversations on relevant issues in our current culture and society. Invite and bring someone along to join in! You can register for each of the Insights webinars below.

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Disciples aren’t taught, they are trained. Equip offers a range of courses throughout the year to help you broaden your understanding of God, deepen your love for Him, and teach you the skills to serve Him faithfully.

If you would like to grow deeper in God, we encourage you to sign up for our Equip courses!

Courses available from July to September:
—  First Steps
—  Start Right 1
—  Baptism Class
—  Comparative Religions
— Deepening Your Prayer Life (new!)
We believe mentoring is one of the most effective ways to engage in discipleship. To journey alongside someone and to have someone journey alongside you is an invaluable part of the discipleship journey.

If you’d like to find a mentor or you’re interested in journeying with someone as a mentor, head to the below link to get started.