The 4-part “Let’s Talk About” webinar series by Pastor Benny Ho addresses a range of topics relevant to living in today’s world, such as mentoring, managing conflict, the fear of God and social justice. The first webinar will be launched on Wednesday July 1st 2020, with the next 3 parts following weekly at the same time slot, so make sure you look out for the registration link on our Facebook page.
8th July – Managing Conflict
Going through conflict is part and parcel of life. Resolving conflict is an important life skill that we need to learn. How do I recognize the signs of conflict? What are the biblical guidelines on resolving conflict? What are some different conflict resolution styles? Tune in to find out.

15th July – The Fear of the Lord
Pastor Benny Ho explains the fear of the Lord and how it is linked to the Love of God. He also addresses questions related to this topic, such as:
• Is it the same as being afraid of God?
• Why is the fear of the Lord important to our discipleship journey?
• What are the rewards for those who fear the Lord?
22nd July – Social Justice
What has social justice got to do with the Gospel? What is distinctive about the Christian view of justice? What has social justice got to do with me? Pastor Benny Ho shares his thoughts on how a Christian should respond to social injustice.
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Faith Kids Corner
Faith Kids Corner is the perfect place for your kids to praise and worship, listen to bible stories, get a new memory verse, and join in fun challenges!
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FCC understands that we are living in stressful times. If you need a listening ear, want to chat with somebody about how you're feeling, or need someone to pray alongside you, you can call FCC’s Hopeline. Our Hopeline is manned by prayer team volunteers, who are also able to refer you on to our free counselling call-back service offered by accredited counsellors if required.
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Disciples aren’t taught, they are trained.
We want to broaden your understanding of God, deepen your love for Him, and equip you with the skills to serve Him faithfully.
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We believe mentoring is one of the most effective ways to engage in discipleship. To journey alongside someone and to have someone journey alongside you is an invaluable part of the discipleship journey.

If you’d like to find a mentor or you’re interested in journeying with someone as a mentor, head to the below link to get started.
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FCC wants to release every disciple to make a difference in their sphere of influence both locally and globally.
If you want to live out your faith in a distinct way that points people towards Jesus, let us know below!
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• Pray for healthcare workers around the world
• Pray for world leaders to have the wisdom to make difficult decisions
• Pray for the safety of the sick and the elderly
• Pray for the disease to die out quickly
• Pray for churches all over the world to effectively reach the world for Christ
• Spend some time listening to what God has to say
• Build your faith by reflecting on his Word
• Thank God for the opportunity to connect with each other using technology
• Thank God for our friends and family and pray for them
• Thank God for being a good and sovereign God who controls all things