Discipleship Conference 2020
Discipleship Conference (DC) is Faith Community Church’s flagship annual conference as an Intentional Disciple-Making Church (IDMC). Every year the conference explores diverse aspects of biblical discipleship and what it means for contemporary intentional disciple-making churches.

This year, the theme of DC is “Release to Reach Out”. For the first time, will be held online free-of-charge. The conference will focus on helping both individuals and IDMCs discover what it means to be a disciple of Christ in ministry, social justice and workplace contexts. Conference participants will have opportunities to interact over Q&A with speakers such as Mr Philip Ng (CEO of Far East Organization), Mr Max Jeganathan (Asia Pacific Regional Director, RZIM) and Mr Jordan Thyer (RZIM Itinerant Speaker). It’s a conference not to be missed!

This is a FREE online event!
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August 15 & 16
Disciples aren’t taught, they are trained.
We want to broaden your understanding of God, deepen your love for Him, and equip you with the skills to serve Him faithfully.
We offer a range of courses throughout the year. To see the schedule and to register please click below.
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We believe mentoring is one of the most effective ways to engage in discipleship. To journey alongside someone and to have someone journey alongside you is an invaluable part of the discipleship journey.

If you’d like to find a mentor or you’re interested in journeying with someone as a mentor, head to the below link to get started.
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FCC wants to release every disciple to make a difference in their sphere of influence both locally and globally.
If you want to live out your faith in a distinct way that points people towards Jesus, let us know below!
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• Pray for healthcare workers around the world
• Pray for world leaders to have the wisdom to make difficult decisions
• Pray for the safety of the sick and the elderly
• Pray for the disease to die out quickly
• Pray for churches all over the world to effectively reach the world for Christ
• Spend some time listening to what God has to say
• Build your faith by reflecting on his Word
• Thank God for the opportunity to connect with each other using technology
• Thank God for our friends and family and pray for them
• Thank God for being a good and sovereign God who controls all things